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The Grace Collection is a series of freestanding lace designs for the machine embroidery and heirloom sewing enthusiast. The designs have been digitized to create a vintage look for baby with heirloom lace “Bonnets and Booties” being the first designs released in the collection. The word “Lace” brings to our mind visions of grandeur,softness and luxury. From time immemorial, Lace has been a much desired and sought after commodity by all. Laces were never considered “incidental trimmings” but rather prized possessions. Time and effort went into creating these exquisite and luxurious treasures. The Grace Collection is a recreation of the Vintage Lace but without the time restraints.

The Grace Collection recreates the vintage laces made by hand. The open and airy look of the laces gives them an heirloom look. The soft and luscious feel of the threads definitely make one wonder about their origin, whether created by hand or machine. All the designs use the same daisy flower connected with small circlets. The edges have a single crochet style edge. With the fine needle work and delicate detail at best, the Grace Collection designs can be termed as Needle Laces. The Grace Collection (Part 1) Bonnets and Booties were designed with the vintage baby in mind. Garments and accessories made with these fine laces are sure to be treasured by any family as a true heirloom.

The designs and patterns are derived from a combined collaboration of two friends, Sadia Andrews and Carolyn Edwards, with a love for all things vintage and a desire to create heirlooms for future generations.


The bonnets can be made in several sizes to fit newborn through 12 months.
There are five bonnet styles that can be created using the Grace Bonnet designs.
The bonnet panels and trims are stitched in the hoop and the construction is done on the sewing machine.


The booties and slippers come in four sizes to fit newborn through 12 months. Three shoe styles can be made with the designs each with three different soles.
All booties and slippers parts are stitched in the hoop and construction is done on the sewing machine.

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Here are Free Purse Project Instructions
that use just two of the embroidery designs!
Click on the purse for larger photos

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There are a total of Forty-four (44) design files in the collection.
The designs use a 4x4 and a 5x7 hoop and come with a detailed Electronic Book in PDF format.
The book has clear step-by-step instructions with photographs on how to use the designs to make the Bonnets and Booties.
The designs and patterns are sold collectively.


The Grace Collection
Part 1
Bonnets and Booties

Designs available in following formats:

art, dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vip, vp3 & xxx

Price: $125.00

Design files breakdown: The Grace Collection part 1

You will receive six design files along with the instructional PDF.
Each file has the following:

1. Bonnets: 4 design files
2. Booties size 1: 7 design files
3. Booties size 2: 7 design files
4. Booties size 3: 7 design files
5. Booties size 4: 7 design files
6. Design files: 12 design files

All artwork and embroidery designs are copyright to Sadia Andrews 2007. All patterns are copyright to Carolyn Edwards 2007. These copyrights protect both the creator and the user. The Grace Collection Part 1 has a commercial limitation of selling only twenty (20) items from the design collection. Inquiries for commercial license may be made by email.

Sadia has written more about the collection on her blog

Download Sample in all formats

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