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The Grace Collection is a series of freestanding lace designs for the machine embroidery and heirloom sewing enthusiast. “Bonnets and Booties” heirloom lace was the first collection digitized to create a vintage look for Baby. “Sentimental Laces” is the second collection which has been designed to commemorate those sentimental moments in our lives. These moments are from birth through childhood to valentine sweetheart, wedding and new home.

The Grace Collections are machine made laces which compete with hand made laces in all aspects. The laces have a light and airy look and feel to them, yet they are sturdy enough to be passed on from generation to generation. Sentimental Laces is a versatile collection of laces that can be used not just for sentimental occasions but also on anything heirloom as well as on modern wearable and home décor. The collection has a total of seventeen designs. The designs are stitched on water soluble stabilizer and then attached to create larger lace trims, etc. or they can be attached directly to the fabric. The options are provided.

The collection of designs also comes with instructions for creating three projects, Pillowcase doll, Spa gift set and a Shamrock cushion cover.

The designs and patterns are derived from a combined collaboration of two friends, Sadia Andrews and Carolyn Edwards, with a love for all things vintage and a desire to create heirlooms for future generations.

Spa Gift set

Shamrock pillow

Pillowcase Doll

The booties can be found in the Grace 1 collection

Click on images below to view an enlarged version. The enlarged version opens in a new window. Please set your pop-up settings to allow opening the new window.

Download Sample Design at the bottom of the page.

5.51x4.91 " (140.0x124.6 mm)
23665 stitches
FSL Heart with embroidered appliqué center

5.51x4.91 " (140.0x124.6 mm)
21710 stitches
FSL Heart with plain applique center

5.66x5.04 " (143.8x128.1 mm)
25877 stitches
Insertion Heart

5.66x5.04 " (143.8x128.1 mm) 28378 stitches
Insertion heart with embroidered center

3.80x3.70 " (96.4x94.1 mm)
20224 stitches
FSL Heart

4.21x3.71 " (107.0x94.2 mm)
22795 stitches
Insertion Lace Heart

3.85x3.85 " (97.7x97.8 mm)
20047 stitches
FSL Heart

5.40x2.04 " (137.2x51.9 mm)
12837 stitches
FSL straight edge attached to fabric

5.40x1.90 " (137.2x48.2 mm)
11538 stitches
FSL straight edge

4.99x4.97 " (126.8x126.3 mm)
15284 stitches
FSL corner

4.99x4.97 " (126.8x126.3 mm)
16335 stitches
FSL corner attached to fabric

6.95x4.33 " (176.5x110.0 mm)
17514 stitches
FSL edge

7.03x4.41 " (178.6x112.0 mm)
18965 stitches
FSL edge attached to fabric

3.57x3.59 " (90.7x91.3 mm)
8742 stitches
FSL square

3.63x3.67 " (92.3x93.2 mm)
11844 stitches
FSL square attached to fabric

1.61x1.66 " (40.9x42..1 mm)
3341 stitches
Insertion circle

1.54x1.59 " (39.2x40.4 mm)
3482 stitches
FSL circle
There are a total of Seventeen (17) design files in the collection. The designs use a 4x4 and a 5x7 hoop and come with a detailed Electronic Book in PDF format. The book has instructions for stitching out the designs, and three projects. The designs are sold collectively.


The Grace Collection
Part 2
Sentimental Laces

Designs available in following formats:

art, dst, exp, hus, jef, pes, vip, vp3 & xxx



The Grace Collection
Parts I & II
can be purchased together at a special collective price


View Grace I Designs here

All artwork and embroidery designs are copyright to Sadia Andrews 2009. All patterns are copyright to Carolyn Edwards 2009. These copyrights protect both the creator and the user. Grace II collection does not carry a commercial license and the designs may be used on items for sale without a limitation.

Sadia has written more about the collection on her blog

Download sample in all formats


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