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Purse idea using two designs from the Grace Collection - Part I

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The designs and patterns in the collection were over a year in the making and are the result of a collaboration with my friend Sadia Andrews. This easy to make purse uses just two of the designs from the collection. They are stitched directly onto fabric and then assembled to make the purse.
For this purse I used a red faux suede fabric and gold metallic embroidery with a lightweight tearaway stabilizer in the hoop.
embroidered squares

You will need 1/2yd purse fabric, 1/2yd lining, a small magnetic snap and 1yd cording for the optional shoulder strap.
Stitch out 12 x grace4 and 2 x gracebonnet1
I joined the designs by butting them together and zigzaging over the join.
butting seam together

Join 6 together to make the body of the purse and 6 together in the same way for the purse flap.
Pin the embroidered purse panel (6 x grace4) you just joined and the purse gusset pieces (2 x gracebonnet1) onto the lining fabric and cut lining to the same size.
Cut a piece of lining 5 1/2" x 8" for the pocket.

pocket position

Fold the pocket in half, sew side seams, turn right side out, press and sew around 3 sides to attach to the purse lining 1" down from the top edge.

purse flap snap position

Attach the first half of the magnetic snap to the purse flap panels 5" down from the top edge.
Attach the second half of the snap to the purse body panels 3 1/2" down from the top edge.

attach lining

Fold purse flap panel in half and with right sides together edgestitch around sides and top. Pin lining to embroidered purse body and gusset pieces (wrong sides together) and edgestitch all around to hold in place.

Satin stitch edge
Set the machine to a close zigzag or satin stich width 3.5mm and enclose the top edge of the gussets and the front top edge where the snap is. Clip any 'fuzzies'. Zigzag over the edge again to give better coverage.
Change to 4.5mm width and with right sides facing, butt the purse flap against the top of the back body of the purse and zigzag together. Clip any 'fuzzies'. Zigzag over the seam again to add strength and give better coverage.

You are now ready to assemble the purse.

attach gusset
Set the machine to a close zigzag or satin stich width 3.5mm and match top of the gusset to the top front edge (wrong sides together) of the purse and zigzag to enclose edge.
Sew down to gusset point and stop with needle down. Swivel at gusset point.

Line up edges and zigzag up to the flap seam to complete the gusset.
attach gusset

Continue to zigzag up the edge of the flap to neaten the flap edge.
Starting at opposite flap edge repeat for second gusset. Clip any 'fuzzies'. Zigzag over the edges again to give better coverage.

attach optional shoulder strap
To add a shoulder strap to the purse cut a piece of lining 3" x 3". Fold in half, sew along one edge, turn inside out and press. fold in half.
On the inside of the purse find the center of the flap seam and sew down the lining loop. Take care to enclose the raw edges.
Thread cording through the loop and knot. The knot can be decorative or concealed on the inside of the purse.

Finished purse


Embellish your purse with a decorative brooch, button or tassel.

The embroidery designs are from The Grace Collection - Part I

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